April 14, 2008

Girlfriend Experience, 2007

During the exhibition Girlfriend Experience from 26 januari until 9 march 2007 at Mediamatic, Martin Butler presented four human avatars to play with. You could log in at home via Skype with your character of choice. You could direct the avatar, explore the space and challenge him or her. The avatars could also be observed live in their Analog Villa at the exhibition space at Mediamatic.

I designed the exhibition space, which served as stage for the 4 human avatars. Instead of real furniture, I used black tape to shape the complete interior of the actors' livingroom and bedroom. The graphic 2D furniture fits the two-dimensional nature of viewing the exhibition via screen, and intensifies the alienating effect of the always hazy and blurry Skype images.

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El HEMA Exhibition/Store, 2007

The exhibition/store El Hema at Mediamatic (24 August 2007 - January 6, 2008 / Post CS building) was a collaboration of Mediamatic Foundation, Khatt Foundation and a number of Arabic graphic designers. El HEMA is an Arabic version of the Dutch department store 'Hema', the most typical public manifestation of Dutch culture.

Basis for the exhibition interior was my analysis of the most characteristic elements of a Hema store, such as organization, signage, colors, & c.. El HEMA has the typical atmosphere of a Hema store, while signage, furniture, products and photos are translated into Arabic.

El Hema won the Dutch Design Price 2007 in the cathegory "Visual Identity".

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Vergessene Fahnen, 2007

In the exhibition "Vergessene Fahnen" from 30 March to 11 May 2007 at Mediamatic the German artist Florian Thalhofer used an interactive road movie and photos to show fellow countrymen who, months after the World Cup football in 2006, are still hanging the national flag out.

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