January 13, 2012


All freedom of movement is blocked in modern means of transport: by speed, by sound and airtight windows and doors, by traffic, by surveillance. How to deal with this disorientation?

August 04, 2010

Train Experiment No.2, 2010

During a train ride I have drawn the lines of sight of my fellow passengers towards my own seat with red tape on the floor. Then I shaded the area wherein all lines of sight overlap. The red shaded area marks the fragile zone. This experiment shows the lack of privacy and the degree of surveillance in the train.

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January 04, 2009

Train Experiment No.1, 2009

During a train ride, I installed a foldable box from cardboard around me to lock the view of my fellow passengers in order to have enough private space. With this project I wanted to investigate how much privacy is possible in the train.

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September 17, 2008

Hidden Observatory, 2008

Hidden Observatory was an intervention in the elevator of the former Post CS building in Amsterdam. I built an unremarkable double wall in the elevator and hit behind this fake wall. I observed the elevator passengers with a camera through a small hole from my hiding place and played with the factor that I was hidden by speaking out.

The purpose of this intervention was to create a safe zone within a fear space (elevator) and reverse the fear situation: Instead of being locked up in the cage of the elevator, being exposed to the gaze of the passengers and losing control, I was the observer myself, I could play with my hiding (one moment I was perfectly hidden, another moment my voice was recognized) which enabled me to regain control over the situation.

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