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De Zee naar Harderwijk, 2009

De Zee naar Harderwijk was a camera and sound installation at the Oosterscheldekering in Zeeland (Dutch coast) for St Jansdal hospital in Harderwijk, The Netherlands, commissioned by SKOR (Stichting Kunst en Openbare Ruimte / Foundation Art and Public Space), in collaboration with Luna Maurer, media-designer/ artist.

The sea was filmed for patients of the St Jansdal hospital, who could watch the sea with their waves, tides, surf, and sounds 24 hours per day live on their televisions from their beds. Every 5 minutes - i.e. 288 times a day - a film still was shot and saved on an ever-growing online archive. In addition to live images of the sea on their televisions, the hospital’s patients also received a weekly post card featuring sea images that were shot during the previous week.

On the roof of the central operating building of the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management in Zeeland (Ir. J.W. Topshuis), we positioned a camera in a special outdoor housing, which recorded the sea and sounds for a period of a year (2009). This gave the patients a "window" to the sea. Like the (diseased) human body, the sea is an example of a strong cycle that we cannot control, a self-regulatory cycle.

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location of camera on top of building Rijkswaterstaat/ Zeeland

Press and TV

TV Gelderland, 6 january 2009

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